On this page some examples of the projects in which we participate.

Ciudadela Futura

Urban development
Year: 2022 – 2023
Client: Private companies
In cooperation with MAPA architect office (URU) and Lundén Architecture Company (FIN)

The project contemplates an analysis, a strategy and a business plan for revitalizing and transforming the old town of Montevideo in a vibrant and sustainable center of the city. The focus of the analysis and the proposal is the challenge of moving towards a more sustainable interaction between cities and the environment in the forms of production, consumption and construction.

Karamalminrinne – Lundén Architecture


Karamalminrinne – Lundén Architecture Company
Karamalminrinne housing block plans, Espoo, Finland.
Year: 2022-2023
Client: YIT Suomi Oy Rakennus.

Kaisa Baiardi participated in this project as a landscape architect and sustainable development expert for Lundén Architecture Company (FIN).
The site includes 8 apartment buildings with patios and 2 parking spaces in the Karamalminrinne area of Espoo.
In connection with the project, together with WSP and MASU Planning (FIN), a concept and operating model was developed to include biodiversity in the design of block yards. The goal is to increase natural diversity in the long term, increase greenness in the built environment, develop the planning process, and sustainable management and design of stormwaters.

Market study

Opportunities in Wood construction in Chile and Uruguay
Year: 2023
Client: Business Finland

The research was carried out in collaboration with the consultant Niina Fu for Business Finland.
The analysis provides general market information about the current situation of wood construction in Chile and Uruguay and the business opportunities that are arising in these countries by the increased use of wood in the forest and construction industry. This study also seeks to provide information about the actual projects and the potential of future collaborations and exchanges between the countries. 12 of the most significant players in the sector were interviewed for the study. Kestavä was responsible for Uruguay’s share of the report.

Raadi – Lundén Architecture Company

Raadi School and Community Centre, Landscape general plan, Tartu, Estonia.
Year: 2023 – currently
Client: Municipality of Tartu, Estonia.

Kaisa Baiardi works on the project as project manager of landscape planning for Lundén Architecture Company (FIN). Plan is prepared in cooperation with the Estonian offices Arhitek11 and TajuRuum.
Project included a general plan design for a 14-hectare active and educational park in Tartu municipality in Estonia. Themes of the park’s design are sports, learning from nature, urban farming, increasing biodiversity and sustainable management of stormwaters. The project currently continues with the detailed design and then with the implementation of the parks.

Tocar Madera – 2020

International webinar of wood architecture and construction Uruguay – Finland
Year: 2020
Kestävä Kollektiivi Oy (Fin) and Federico Lagomarsino (URU)
In cooperation with: Business Finland, Uruguay XXI and UdelaR FADU.

The first international webinar of Architecture and wood construction between Uruguay and Finland. It is a platform to exchange ideas and knowledge to create a network of professionals in the field of design, education, investigation and construction, among others. 
The aim is to create a broad network of actors from different fields related to wood construction, to develop a future cooperation between the countries and to promote wood construction in Uruguay by working on the design and research of wooden pilot projects.

Tocar Madera – 2021

International webinar of wood architecture and construction Uruguay – Finland
Year: 2021 
Kestävä Kollektiivi Oy (FIN).
In cooperation with Business Finland, Embassy of Finland in Bs As., Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (URU), Uruguay XXI and Federico Lagomarsino (URU).

The second edition of Tocar Madera webinar, the international meeting between the different actors involved in wood construction in Uruguay and Finland. This second edition aimed to strengthen the network of professionals and share more information about the different aspects of wood construction.
The webinar delves into the topics introduced in the 2020 webinar on wooden construction. During the 4 dates, the expositors presented new projects, concepts, and issues regarding regulations, technology and protection of wooden constructions to improve and promote their implementation.

Cooperación para construcción en madera

Sustainable wood construction program – Cooperation between Uruguay and Finland.
Year: 10.2021 – 01.2022

Client: Business Finland, Embassy of Finland in Buenos Aires.
The project included the development, coordination and support of activities in all together six work groups from Uruguay and Finland and the organization of 4 webinar dates with 400 participants (Tocar Madera 2021). More than 25 organizations from both countries participated in the activities, the aim of which is to create cooperation projects and pilots between Finland and Uruguay and to promote wood construction in Uruguay and the region.