About us

We cooperate closely with the professional teams conformed by our partners. In this way, we enhance creativity, efficiency and the exchange of knowledge and experiences to jointly achieve the best results for each project.

Kaisa Baiardi


Kaisa Baiardi, M. Sc. Landscape Architect, B.Sc. Natural Resources
Founder of Kestävä

Kaisa is a specialist in urban and environmental planning with around fifteen years of work experience in the field. She works as a designer, both in the planning and implementation of parks and green areas, as well as in extensive urban development projects and strategies for cities. She has participated in a variety of environmentally conscious planning projects and the development of sustainable research projects. Over the past few years she has prepared several landscape studies for historical areas with significant environmental and cultural values. Kaisa currently works as an expert and project manager in various urban and landscape planning developments and in research projects in Finland and abroad. Through Kestävä, Kaisa promotes cooperation between Finnish and South American operators on projects that promote sustainable development.

Brenda Kelly


Brenda is an architect from Argentina. She studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the National University of La Plata and has carried out teaching work at that faculty.

She worked in project development, technical documentation and construction management in both the public and private sectors. She currently works on private projects producing technical documents and she is in constant learning and professional development. Since 2023 she has been part of the Kestävä team participating in design and sustainable development projects.